Ron Bergstrom on the Issues

Ron in Wellfleet

The Environment:

I believe we all have an investment in the health of Cape Cod’s bays and marshes and should work to protect them from pollution and encroachment. I support the efforts of the Cape Cod Commission and the Barnstable County Board of Health to protect our groundwater, halt nitrification of our bays and estuaries, and minimize the effects of over-development and sprawl. Our quality of life and our economy depend on the quality of our environment.

Affordable Housing:

The Cape must maintain a diverse population: young and old, worker and retiree. We should encourage production of below-market-rate housing, not only for those families in the lowest economic bracket but also for moderate-income households: teachers, firefighters, healthcare workers.

Health Care:

The Barnstable County Regional Substance Abuse Council is working to bring all stakeholders together in addressing the crises that we face: Opiate dependency and alcohol abuse, mental health care, etc. We must provide for long-term rehabilitation services and facilities for those afflicted by these diseases.


It is important to continue to monitor traffic conditions and to work toward reducing congestion on our bridges and roads during peak season. Safe, reliable public transportation is needed for our seasonal workers and those without cars.


All Cape towns benefit from the work of our AmeriCorps volunteers. I will vote to reverse the draconian cuts made to the Cape Cod Americorps program and restore our access to the full complement of dedicated AmeriCorps volunteers.

Human Rights:

I support the continued work of the Barnstable County Human Rights Commission to oppose discrimination based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Barnstable County Government

County government is an effective tool in improving the lives of Cape Codders. Through sponsorship of services such as AmeriCorps, IT support, the SHINE program, the Regional Substance Abuse Council, Human Rights Commission, the county dredge, and other programs, we are able to help Cape towns meet their needs while minimizing costs. But this demands a proactive approach lacking in the majority of the current Board of Commissioners.

I will reach out to promote the role of county government and restore voters’ faith in the
leadership of Barnstable County. – Ron

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